Wave Computing Begins On-Premise System Testing Phase With Early Access Customers

CAMPBELL, Calif., June 26, 2018 – Wave Computing®, the Silicon Valley start-up that is revolutionizing artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning from the Cloud to the edge with its dataflow-based systems and licensable IP solutions, today announced that it has started on-premise installation and testing of its first-generation AI systems with initial Early Access Program (EAP) customers. Initial Wave EAP companies span the Cloud Services, On-Line Retail, Manufacturing and Financial Services industry segments. Additional EAP customer testing will follow, with General Availability shipments later in 2018.

“On-premise system testing with EAP customers is a major milestone for Wave Computing and the AI industry,” said Lee Flanagin, Senior Vice President & Chief Business Officer of Wave Computing. “Customer interest continues to be very strong for a solution that offers new levels of performance and scalability compared to legacy systems. We look forward to accelerating our progress and market leadership in the coming quarters.”

The Wave AI systems are based on the company’s revolutionary dataflow technology that eliminates the need for co-processors, such as GPUs or FPGAs, and are capable of delivering hundreds of times the performance of legacy deep learning accelerators. Wave’s AI roadmap spans solutions that are designed to easily fit in existing office/departmental workspaces, data centers and edge-of-Cloud applications.

Wave’s Early Access Program

Data Scientists interested in learning more about Wave’s Early Access Program can register here for more information.

About Wave Computing

Wave Computing is the Silicon Valley company that is revolutionizing AI and deep learning from the data center to the edge with its dataflow-based systems and MIPS® embedded solutions. Leveraging over 400 patents, the company enables enterprises to accelerate their AI applications by easily and cost-effectively bringing deep learning to their data, wherever it is. Wave’s innovative AI system solutions provide high-performance training and high-efficiency inferencing at scale. Through the company’s MIPS IP licensing business unit, its RISC and Dataflow architectures deliver efficient, scalable AI solutions from IoT edge devices to high-end networking equipment. For more information, visit wavecomp.ai.