Wave Computing Chairman and Founder Named 2018 “Global Industry Leader”

CAMPBELL, Calif., May 7, 2018 – Wave Computing®, the Silicon Valley company that is revolutionizing artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning with its dataflow-based solutions, announced today that Dado Banatao, chairman and founder of Wave Computing, is the recipient of the 2018 “Global Industry Leader” award. This latest prestigious award was presented to Banatao at the ChipEx2018 Executive Summit in Tel Aviv in recognition of his achievements in the high-technology industry throughout his storied 30-year career.

Banatao is a Silicon Valley visionary who founded, invested in or led numerous companies since 1984, creating more than $100 billion of market value. He is credited with having accelerated the PC industry by developing the first system logic chip set, the local bus concept and the first Windows graphics accelerator chip for personal computers. In addition to his current industry roles as Chairman of Wave Computing, MIPS Technologies and more, Banatao is active in philanthropic efforts in the U.S. and the Philippines, where he sponsors numerous endowments and annual scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students as well as drives his non-profit organization “PhilDev” with the goal of eradicating poverty through science and technology. His recognitions and awards include the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, Asian Leadership Award, Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and an Honoris Causa PhD as Doctor of Technology. The video “A Farmer’s Son Story” captures some of his life’s journey from growing up in rural Philippines to Silicon Valley.

Banatao founded Wave Computing to usher in a new era in computers by solving the problem of legacy computer architectures that couple performance to a chip’s clock speed. Using a dataflow architecture eliminates the need for a host processor and co-processor for training and inferencing neural networks. Today, Wave’s dataflow-based solutions are helping drive a revolution in the global computer and AI industries.

“Dado’s vision and foresight into the evolution of computer processor architectures, coupled with his continuous drive for technical innovation, have been guiding principles for us,” said Derek Meyer, CEO of Wave Computing. “We continue to benefit from Dado’s close involvement in our journey to bring a new class of AI solutions to data scientists globally. From Wave’s early days of architectural exploration using dataflow to the build-out of our commercial solutions, Dado remains a close partner and mentor. We are thrilled that he has received this new award and recognition.”