Wave’s Departmental Appliance for Deep Learning

Wave Computing’s Departmental Appliance is a high-speed deep learning solution that delivers orders of magnitude improvement in speed and accuracy for data-driven business applications. Based up the company’s innovative dataflow technology that eliminates the need for a CPU or co-processors, such as a GPU, the Wave solution offers extremely fast modeling and training of data sets - outperforming existing datacenter servers for deep learning workloads.

The Wave Departmental Appliance is designed to easily fit in existing work spaces and is capable of delivering hundreds of times the performance of legacy deep learning solutions. With ONNX interoperability, Wave’s dataflow appliance can support a range of frameworks such as Tensorflow, Caffe, MXNet and more. Also, the Dataflow Processing Unit (DPU) based boards within each appliance are upgradable, allowing for next-generation, high-bandwidth memory clusters and future Wave DPUs.

Wave_Lab 1.jpg

Wave Computing is revolutionizing AI and deep learning from the datacenter to the edge with its AI-native dataflow-based systems and embedded solutions. Enabling data scientists to experiment, develop, test, deploy and run AI applications at the speed of business, and more economically than ever before.

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