Our Mission

To revolutionize deep learning with real-time AI solutions that scale from the edge to the datacenter

Our Values

Our Core Values define who we are and what we stand for as employees and as a company.
We Work Together

We Work Together

At Wave we recognize the value of the individual and the value of working together. Through open communication, collaboration and alignment we can accomplish more than working in silos. Yet, as a company we also respect the significance of each person’s point-of-view and diversity of thought. We are driven by a collective objective to continuously innovate.

We Have a Culture of Innovation

We Have a Culture of Innovation

Solving complex artificial intelligence problems is demanding work that requires high levels of creativity and innovative thinking. Radical breakthrough technology is a key element of our success, but we also regularly evaluate our approach to the market and business operations. We ask all employees to continuously use their complete depth of knowledge to identify and solve difficult problems as a team.

We Take Collective Responsibility

We Take Collective Responsibility

Each of us must say what we mean, mean what we say, and do what we say we’ll do. We hold each other accountable. Personal commitment, perseverance, open communication is a way of life at Wave Computing. All team members contribute and play a significant role in the success of our customers.

We Do the Right Thing

We Do the Right Thing

At Wave, being honest with ourselves, our customers, establishing trust and earning respect is a day-to-day requirement. We believe truthfulness matters and personal integrity is a character trait we demand of every Wave employee. We pride ourselves on our renowned business integrity to bring our creative artificial intelligence systems and solutions to customers around the world.

We Embrace the Startup Mentality

We Embrace the Startup Mentality

Wave is a venture capital backed startup. We will never have all the resources, as many people or as much time as we want to bring new creative solutions to the market. To be successful, we must continue to rely on innovation, the speed of action, and working hard to get our job done. Everyone must have a sense of hard/smart work, financial frugality and taking action.

Wave is Leading the AI Revolution

Founded in 2010, Wave Computing is leading the AI revolution with the industry’s first AI-native, dataflow-based solutions that help accelerate applications from the edge to the data center.

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North American Machine Learning Technology Innovation Award

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