Wave Computing®
Trademark and Service Mark Usage Guide

Wave Computing® (“Wave Computing”, “Wave,” “we,” “us,” “our”) uses trademarks and service marks to identify and distinguish our products and services in commerce. Proper use of Wave’s marks helps customers know that our products and services are solely from Wave. Strong marks build good will with our customers. Improper use can devalue Wave’s marks, cause loss of goodwill, and put at risk the ability to exclude others from improper use of Wave marks. Use these rules, when authorized to use Wave marks:

Wave marks as of most recent website posting include:

Wave Computing®
Logo to Wave Computing®

You are not authorized to use any Wave marks without a specific license or other authorization approved by Wave, and any authorized usage of Wave marks must be in accordance with these guidelines.

1. Use Wave marks as adjectives, not nouns or verbs.

“Aspirin”, “yo-yo” and “escalator” used to be trademarks—but used as nouns, they became generic terms and lost trademark status. Use trademarks or service marks as adjectives to modify a product or service name. Do not use a mark as a noun or verb, and do not pluralize a mark or use a mark in the possessive form (which suggests the mark is being used as a noun). Examples:


Correct:           By Xerox® photocopiers.
Incorrect:         Buy a Xerox®.
Incorrect:         A Xerox’s speed is fast.
Incorrect:         Buy two xeroxes for me.
Incorrect:         He is xeroxing these documents.

Correct:           Excedrin® pain reliever works fast.
Incorrect:         Excedrin® works fast.


Service Marks:

Correct:           Federal Express® delivery service is reliable.
Incorrect:         Federal Express®is reliable.

Correct:           Club Med® resorts are fun for all ages.
Incorrect:         Club Med® is fun for all ages.


2. Do not modify a trademark or service mark, and be consistent.

Changing a mark’s form may dilute or harm the mark’s effectiveness, or suggest erroneously that Wave allows its mark to be modified or grammatically changed. The consistent use of Wave Computing® as a mark is important to retain its enforceability as a registered mark. In addition, do not:

  • change a mark’s spelling or format, or abbreviate the mark;
  • insert or delete hyphens;
  • “break up” the mark at the end of a line so that it straddles two lines; or
  • make one word within a mark into two, or combine two words into one.

In addition, use a trademark consistently in a document—a mark should be used at least the first time the mark is stated in a document title, the first time normally that the mark is used in the document’s content, whenever the mark is listed in the trademark attribution notice at the end of the document, and in general where trademark usage makes grammatical sense.


3. Use the symbol for trademark or service mark correctly.

The first time using a trademark or a service mark within a distributed or externally accessible item or document, use ™ for trademarks (or ® if the trademark is registered). Use ℠ for service marks. Use the appropriate symbol both on the title page and on the first occurrence in the preface/text. It is not required to repeat the notice symbol thereafter.

In addition, use trademark or service mark symbols correctly in statements used in publications mentioning trademarks or service marks.


4. Give attribution to marks when you use them.

Give attribution (credit) to a trademarked product or service, including those that are licensed-in, on the copyright page or other attribution page in documents using Wave marks. For example:

Wave Computing® is a trademark of Wave Computing, Inc. Other marks used herein are the property of their respective owners.


5. Use marks properly to build customer recognition and Wave trademark rights.

Use a mark in a distinctive manner. Do not modify Wave’s approved design and font.

Use a mark extensively, especially in packaging, labels, advertising and promotional materials.

If you allow a third party to use a mark, use a written license agreement.

Alert legal if a third party may be infringing Wave’s mark (for example, using Wave’s mark without a license, or purposely using a mark that is very similar to Wave’s that may cause confusion).

Don’t abandon a mark, unless our company decides to do so. Abandonment can occur if the mark’s owner discontinues usage for an extended period of time, such as 3 years in the U.S.

These guidelines focus on trademarks and service marks used or registered in the U.S.  Each country has its own regulations and rules how to file and use trademarks and service marks.


6. Contact us: If you have comments or questions relating to Wave’s trademarks, you can contact us or send us an e-mail as indicated below. Please include your contact information and a detailed description of your request or concern.

Wave Computing, Inc.
Attn: Legal
42 W. Campbell Avenue, Suite 301
Campbell, CA 95008 USA