Wave Computing Creates MIPS Open Advisory Board

New Committee Will be Incubated within the prpl Foundation and will Define and Appropriate Working Groups, Governance and License Models for Wave’s MIPS Open™ Community

CAMPBELL, Calif., February 19, 2019Wave Computing®, the Silicon Valley company that is accelerating artificial intelligence (AI) from the data center to the edge, announced the creation of an Advisory Board to moderate the governance, license and working group models within the company’s MIPS Open™ Community. Wave’s MIPS Open™ Advisory Board will be established as a Member Committee within the prpl Foundation, an open source, collaborative non-profit organization that establishes open standards to enable the security and interoperability of embedded devices. Membership in the MIPS Open™ Advisory Committee is open to OEMs, partners, universities and technology luminaries alike and will be based on active involvement with the prpl Foundation.

“We believe Wave’s MIPS Open initiative will have a profound and positive impact on the future of system on chip designs for AI-enabled, edge applications,” said Art Swift, president of Wave Computing’s MIPS IP Business. “Members of the Advisory Committee will help define the parameters of the community license agreement, membership requirements and governance structures to help prevent fragmentation and ensure MIPS’ compatibility with a broad range of devices. This will give current and new MIPS customers peace of mind their investment is secure and backed by a vibrant development community and ecosystem.”

The MIPS Open™ Advisory Board will provide input to Wave Computing leadership on a broad range of topics, including community health, policies and procedures, core criteria for MIPS Open Certified™ products, selection of certification partners and the long-term governance structure of the MIPS Open™ initiative. The Board will be managed as a separate committee under the umbrella of the prpl Foundation and will include dedicated resources contributed by Wave Computing. The prpl Foundation will serve as an incubation organization for Wave Computing’s MIPS Open™ Advisory Board. Over time, the prpl Foundation and MIPS Open™ Advisory Committee will determine whether the MIPS Open™ Advisory Board should function independently as its own foundation.

Wave Computing’s MIPS Open™ initiative will help greatly expand the existing MIPS ecosystem by offering new opportunities for third-party tool vendors, software developers and universities to create innovative solutions based on the industry-proven MIPS architecture. Through the MIPS Open™ program, MIPS customers will have assurance that development tools, applications, or other value-added features and services provided by the MIPS Open™ ecosystem will be compatible with new implementations.

Organizations that join the MIPS Open™ Advisory Committee within the prpl Foundation will help support common standards to fuel interoperability of next-generation MIPS-based System on Chip solutions. Each day more devices are added to the repertoire of smart technology, creating a demand for a broad ecosystem in which technology leaders will collaborate.

Developers, partners and companies interested in applying to become part of the MIPS Open™ Advisory Board can visit https://www.wavecomp.ai/mipsopen. The full MIPS Open™ community is expected to launch in Q1 2019.

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