Wave Computing Turbo Boosts “MIPS” with Licensable AI Subsystems, An Expanded Ecosystem & New Product Roadmap

CAMPBELL, Calif., October 31, 2018Wave Computing®, the Silicon Valley start-up that is accelerating artificial intelligence (AI) from the cloud to the edge, today announced its strategy for its AI-enabled MIPS® offering and ecosystem. MIPS is already widely known as an industry-standard technology that has been designed into thousands of products with billions of units shipped worldwide. By expanding its strategy for the MIPS architecture, delivering a new AI-enabled licensing roadmap and a broader 3rd party ecosystem will ensure existing and new MIPS licensees will have leading-edge CPU- and AI-based solutions to enable Wave’s “AI for All” strategic vision.

Initial details of Wave’s strategy for MIPS will be made at this year’s Linley Fall Processor Conference this week. These will include an overview of Wave’s multi-pronged strategy to enable new use cases for AI, an update on Wave’s roadmap for AI systems for the datacenter and on-premise environments, and a preview of Wave’s roadmap for new AI-enabled MIPS-based licensable solutions for next-generation system-on-chips (SoCs) that far surpass alternatives in terms of market and application fit, price/performance value, and overall ease-of-use. Also included will be specifics around Wave’s plans for expanding the MIPS AI ecosystem.

“Wave Computing’s MIPS technology is a key component of the Data Processing Unit we are developing as a fundamental new building block of next generation data centers. We expect Fungible’s solution to be pivotal in powering modern data-centric applications such as AI and analytics” says, Pradeep Sindhu, CEO of Fungible, Inc.

“We are well underway in executing on our strategy for delivering ‘AI to All’. This means delivering AI computing systems for the data center and customer premise applications, licensable solutions for next-generation SoCs and AI application software for end customers in multiple markets ,” said Derek Meyer, CEO of Wave Computing. “Since acquiring MIPS in June, customers and partners have had an overwhelmingly positive response to our future roadmap potential.  We’ve never been more optimistic about the value MIPS brings to Wave and we look forward to enabling native AI performance at the edge.”

Details to be disclosed at the Linley Fall Processor Conference to include:

  • Team Growth: Wave is growing its IP team globally, including hardware, software, marketing and sales capabilities to support new product development and increased demand for MIPS-based solutions. Most recently, Wave Computing added a number of key hires to their IP core and SoC teams who are focused on building next generation AI-enabled MIPS products.
  • Innovation: Wave continues to invest in its 64-bit, scalable multi-threaded MIPS technology roadmap for embedded applications. Wave Computing will offer new solutions ranging from CPU cores for edge applications to more robust implementations for emerging AI training and inferencing applications, while ensuring a smooth transition for customers planning to migrate their edge infrastructure to deep learning. In its latest round of innovation, Wave is also addressing the future of functional safety in autonomous vehicles by building on its ISO26262 certification and introducing advanced lock-step functionality for its MIPS cores.
  • Partnerships: Wave is expanding the partner ecosystem for the MIPS architecture. This builds on the strong foundation of traditional MIPS IP partners (such as OS/RTOS providers, application software developers, semiconductor foundries, and more) and includes new AI applications developers and other AI-focused solution providers to accelerate innovation and delivery of MIPS-based AI SoCs at the edge.