The new standard in open use Instruction Set Architectures

Wave Computing’s MIPS Open Initiative will help Accelerate Innovation at the Edge
(See mipsopen.com for more details)

The MIPS Open initiative will make an open use version of the MIPS 32 and 64-bit Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) freely available to developers, partners and customers with the goal of inspiring novel approaches to system on chip (SoC) designs.

Opening the MIPS ISA and providing additional support to its surrounding ecosystem will turbo-charge the development of high-performance, multithreaded, MIPS-based solutions. The resulting solutions can be embedded in a broad set of edge applications such as home automation systems, IoT devices, vehicles equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles.

 Community Components

The MIPS ISA represents over 30 years of established and robust innovation in silicon-proven RISC core. To date, over 8.5B MIPS-based chips have shipped with a current run rate of over a billion a year. Once the MIPS Open Community is launched, registered members will have access to the following IP and technology resources:

  • An open use version of the baseline 32 and 64-bit MIPS Instruction Set Architecture (ISA), Release 6
  • MIPS SIMD Extensions v1.0
  • MIPS DSP Extensions
  • MIPS Multi-Threading (MT)
  • microMIPS Architecture
  • MIPS Virtualization (VZ)

MIPS Open Advisory Board

The MIPS Open Advisory Board is comprised of OEMs, partners, universities and technology luminaries, dedicated to moderating the governance, license and working group models within the MIPS Open Community. The Advisory Board has been initially established as a Member Committee within the prpl Foundation, an open source, collaborative non-profit organization that establishes open standards to enable the security and inter-operability of embedded devices. Membership in the MIPS Open Advisory Committee is open to individuals and companies alike and will be based on active involvement with the prpl Foundation.

Developers, partners and companies interested in becoming part of the MIPS Open Advisory Board can contact membership@mipsopen.com for more information.

Read the press release detailing the mission of Wave’s MIPS Open initiative here.

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